TX student suspended for defending special-needs friend from bullying

TX student suspended for defending special-needs friend from bullying

An 18-year-old student at Rudder High School in Bryan, Texas, was suspended from school after he stood up for a special needs student at lunch.

Christian Tumax told KBTX-TV that he heard his friend, the special needs student, hollering behind him. When he turned around, he saw him being “harassed.”

Immediately, Tumax said he intervened and told the bullies to “be quiet and leave him alone.” School officials say there was then an exchange of words.

The incident landed him in a meeting with school officials. He was suspended later that day.

However, Tumax said he isn’t angry at school officials for doing their job.

“They had to base it off what they saw in the cameras,” the student explained. “They saw me go forward, and that’s the reason I got suspended.”

Students, on the other hand, were not pleased to see Tumax get punished for defending a special needs student. They took to Twitter and created the #FreeTumax hashtag in protest of the decision.

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