Liberals are stuck in a perpetual state of childhood

Liberals are stuck in a perpetual state of childhood

The Congressional Budget Office released a report early last week which stated that by 2024 the equivalent of 2.5 million full-time workers will be missing from the United States economy because of the effect of Obamacare. The spin chosen by defenders of the law is that 2.5 million Americans will now be “liberated” from the confines of employment sought, apparently, for the primary purpose of having health insurance.

While this argument is, in America, largely unprecedented on such a scale, it is but one more step down the bottomless rabbit hole that is the perpetual childhood that liberalism pursues.

Like an adolescent on a weekly allowance supplied by a parent, the liberal subject is to live a blissful life, free of responsibility.

While such a system can surely be desirable up to a certain age, when extended too long, the adolescent in question is never given the opportunity to appreciate what it takes to provide the money comes from that enables his carefree existence. Such detachment doesn’t create innovations that prolong our lives: It gives birth to occupiers who tweet inanely about their protests from their iPhones.

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