Michael Sam saga: ‘Distraction’ replaces ‘thug’ as the new dog whistle

Michael Sam saga: ‘Distraction’ replaces ‘thug’ as the new dog whistle

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[Former NFL punter Chris] Kluwe … predicted that if gay players run into opposition, it will likely be from front office and coaching staff — who tend to be older and more traditional — than from players. …

Kluwe objected to the unnamed coach saying an openly gay player would be a “distraction,” noting that teams always have to deal with players’ personal issues, ranging from their dating lives to their problems with the law.

“One thing I thought was really interesting was the very word ‘distraction,'” said Kluwe. “You see that used a lot by the front office and coaching. It’s very similar to how the word ‘thug‘ was used when Richard Sherman was the topic of conversation. It seems that this word distraction is code for, I don’t really like the idea of a gay player on my team, but I know I can’t come out and say that, so I’ll use the word ‘distraction’ instead.”

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Last month, Sherman, a cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, criticized San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree in a post-game interview. Sherman’s critics went after him for the unsportsmanlike behavior, and many people online called him a “thug,” among other unsavory terms.

“The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s an accepted way of calling somebody the N-word now,” said Sherman. “It’s like everybody else said the N-word and then they say ‘thug’ and that’s fine. It kind of takes me aback and it’s kind of disappointing because they know.”

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