‘I married my gay best friend so he could get a green card’

‘I married my gay best friend so he could get a green card’

[Ed. – Lucky for her, no one at ICE knows how to read.]

Terrified that her gay best friend would be sent back to the Middle East and victimized after his student visa expired, Liza Monroy went to extreme lengths to keep him in America. Here the 34-year-old writer, whose memoir, “The Marriage Act: The Risk I Took To Keep My Best Friend in America, and What It Taught Us About Love,” will be published Tuesday, tells her extraordinary story of love and law-breaking to The Post’s Jane Ridley.

Emir* and I had been married for more than a year, but it wasn’t until the morning of his green card interview that we finally got around to exchanging rings.

We’d bought them in the Diamond District a week earlier, but Emir had taken them to be engraved, as a special surprise for that day.

My inscription said: “L&Em-Vegas-Frvr.” His, even cheesier, read: “99toEternity-im-Yrs.”

“Cute,” I said, sliding the gold band onto my wedding finger. “Are you nervous?”

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