Father accused of killing his baby, feeding her to a pit bull

Father accused of killing his baby, feeding her to a pit bull

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A Brooklyn father is accused of killing his one-year-old daughter, dismembering her, and feeding her to the family’s pit bull. Serenity Brown vanished in 2006. However, her mother did not report her missing until 2011. Three years later, authorities are still trying to determine exactly what happened to the little girl.

Although the incident allegedly happened in 2006, Serenity’s mother, Paula Johnson, failed to report the crime for five years. In 2011, Social workers visited the family’s home as Johnson’s 12-year-old son has been skipping school. The workers became concerned as Serenity was listed as a resident but was not present.

When questioned about her daughter’s whereabouts, Johnson said her daughter was staying with relatives. The story did not match county records, as Johnson continued to collect public assistance for the absent child.

Johnson eventually told detectives with the New York Police Department with her chilling tale. She confessed that Serenity was killed at the hands of her father.

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