Outrage: Raiderettes underpaid, abused with ‘etiquette’ instruction

Outrage: Raiderettes underpaid, abused with ‘etiquette’ instruction

The [Raiderette] handbook is patronizing and insulting, with outmoded ideas about men and women in the workplace, even if the workplace is not your average office. In places, it appears to be written for people unfamiliar with American customs, which is peculiar considering the uniquely American history of the game.

Still, here’s what the Raiders feel is important to impart to grown women, some of whom are married with children, all of whom have spent years of their lives training as performers on a public stage:

From the etiquette section:

“First Impressions: It takes 3-5 seconds to form a first impression of someone. Think about the last time you met someone for the first time. You probably looked at their hair, jewelry, facial expressions, style of clothes, shoes and nails….Keep nail polish pads in your car for emergencies. Smile, shake hands with everyone.” …

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“Dining etiquette” addresses how to eat food in front of other people, which the handbook describes as “one of the most intimidating areas of etiquette.”

“If you don’t like your meal, try a little of everything and strategically move the rest around your plate.” And, “Gently unfold your napkin and place it on your lap. Fold it almost in half and place it with the fold side towards your body. If you need to leave the table, place the napkin on your chair, and don’t forget to say, ‘Excuse me.’” [Yeah, excuse me while I throw up.]

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