Alex Rodriguez drops lawsuits against MLB, Players Association

Alex Rodriguez drops lawsuits against MLB, Players Association

A-Rod looks as though he may be ready to move past his suspension and the Biogenesis scandal.

It has been over a year since light was first shed on what has become known as the Biogenesis Scandal, but months after thirteen other players have received and accepted their punishments for using PEDs obtained from the clinic, Alex Rodriguez appears as though he may finally be ready to live with the season-long suspension handed him.

After A-Rod was only able to reduce his initial 211-game suspension to 162 through an arbitration process that concluded early last month, he filed lawsuits against both Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association which he felt failed to properly protect him during the ordeal. Notices of dismissal for both suits were filed in a Federal court yesterday, February 7. He had also previously filed a suit against MLB and its commissioner, Bud Selig in which he alleged the suspension was the result of an attempt to “improperly marshal evidence that they hope to use to destroy the reputation and career of Alex Rodriguez.”

Joe Tacopina, an attorney representing Rodriguez, said that the third baseman chose to put the suspension behind him so he could focus on the 2015 season…

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