Whoopi: Conservative guests are ratings bonanza for ‘The View’

Whoopi: Conservative guests are ratings bonanza for ‘The View’

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that the show likely brought on conservative  women as guests this week to bolster ratings — an indirect  admission she made while decrying the move.

First up was Glenn Beck’s cable network producer Dana Loesch, who  appeared on the ABC morning show on Monday. On Tuesday, it was Mary  Katharine Ham, from HotAir, Breitbart reported.

After actress Elizabeth Perkins expressed her dismay on Twitter at Miss Loesch’s appearance, Miss Goldberg  agreed and pointed to ratings.

Miss Perkins tweeted, “I’m very surprised by The View booking Dana Loesch. There is no  compromise with her, no solution other than more guns. Sad.”

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Miss Goldberg tweeted in reply, “yeah.. Me too, but it’s sweeps apparently .. & they are going for ratings I’m sure.”

Miss Goldberg later tweeted a response to a stream of complaints about the conservative women guests: “Hey  you don’t like a guest on @theviewtv tell them NOT me cos I don’t book  the show.”

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