Amnesty, but not for D’Souza

Amnesty, but not for D’Souza

How come no one’s worried about bringing Dinesh D’Souza “out of the shadows”? After all, the poor fellow didn’t do anything wrong — not really. He just wanted to participate fully in our national life, in our democratic process. He didn’t want to hide — he was forced to take cover by our draconian, inhumane campaign-finance laws.

Mr. D’Souza’s real crime, the only offense that really matters in Washington these days, is being an Obama critic. Oh, they say he borrowed a couple of people’s names, but his real mistake was doing it in the Wendy Long Senate campaign. For Obama 2008 donors, borrowing other people’s names seems to have been a requirement.

And look, it’s not like every moment of D’Souza’s presence in this country has been a violation of law — even if it does rub the regime the wrong way. Nor does his day-to-day life ooze identity theft, tax evasion, bank fraud, Social Security fraud, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, food-stamps fraud, and the like.

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