Top reasons why you should be ready to get the hell out

Top reasons why you should be ready to get the hell out

I was reading comments on an article about Matt Drudge and his “exit plan” comment. One reader pooh-poohed the idea that Drudge was pointing to some cataclysmic event. He opined that everything would roll along in its miserable path as usual and Drudge was not a seer. Another guy said, what he meant was that we need to prepare for losing our jobs or some such thing. I butted in. No, I said, I think what Drudge meant is, have an exit plan. Big troubles ahead, including possible civil strife, because the Left is going to try to steamroll their way into permanent power and to change the US by fiat. If you’re a conservative activist, know where you can go to escape harassment if you’re in a blue state. If you’re a public figure on the right, get your lawyer lined up and ready to roll. Be ready to get out of Dodge (the US) if you have to. If you have money at risk, move it to somewhere safer. The hounds of hell are being unleashed upon a supine and unprepared country by a ravenous cadre of cowards, liars and scoundrels of the first order.

If you’ve ever studied Marxist theory and practice, you know that there are key tasks that every revolutionary organization has to deal with as priorities. Taking total control of the media, of all public information, is one of the first orders of business. Bringing the military under strict political control is another. Breaking the back of any opposition to their rule is certainly among the top three goals.  Individual rights are entirely forfeit under such schemes.

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