Ohio woman seeks name change to ‘Sexy Crabtree,’ but faces tough judge

Ohio woman seeks name change to ‘Sexy Crabtree,’ but faces tough judge

[Given name]:  Sheila.

“I absolutely hate it,” Ranea Crabtree said. “I think it’s really ugly.”

Crabtree has gone by her middle name since she was a teenager, and now, as the mother of two teenage girls herself, she’s ready to dump Sheila. On Feb. 11, the Pataskala woman will stand in front of a Licking County judge and ask him to change her name to another S-word, one she likes much better.

Sexy. Yes. Sexy.

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“I wear Victoria’s Secret clothes all the time,” said Crabtree, who doesn’t want you to know how old she is. …

In Licking County, [Judge] Hoover once denied a man’s request to change his name to Tasmanian Devil, though he did allow the first name Taz. He denied the request of a young woman who no longer wanted to be known by her nickname — “B.J.” — and thought “Winnie Pooh” might be more appropriate. He didn’t agree.

Last year, he allowed a woman to change her last name to StoneKeepTalkingTree, but five years ago he denied the request of a woman who rode a horse to the courthouse and walked in wearing a bathrobe. She said something about conducting the Last Supper and poisoning her husband afterward. She wanted to be known as Jesus Christ Lord & Savior.

“I denied that because I wasn’t certain she was fully competent,” Hoover said.

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