New York Times Reporter: Football is immoral

New York Times Reporter: Football is immoral

New York Times reporter, Steve Almond, just wrote an article titled, “Is it Immoral to Watch the Super Bowl?

In the article, he talks about growing up watching football and loving the sport for what it is, but then he admits,”I knew, even then, that part of my attraction to football was the thrill of such violent transactions.”

Based on this feeling, he suggests that funding this risky sport by watching football games on TV is…maybe not okay.

I’ve got to say – I was shocked to see something like this coming from the New York Times.  And as someone completely apathetic to sports (lemme take that back – I kinda hate them – sorry honey), you’d think I might be supportive of Almond’s idea.  If I had a little boy, I would definitely flinch at the thought of him signing up to smash into people over and over again.

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