11 things you’re terrified of, but shouldn’t be

11 things you’re terrified of, but shouldn’t be

1. Hitchhiking in America

Although empirical data about the exact number of hitchhiking encounters that have ended in disaster is a bit lacking, a consensus seems to be emerging that fears about the once popular American pastime are overblown. Gruesome real horror stories like the Santa Rosa murders, paired with aggressive negative ad campaignsscared a generation enough to ruin the cheap transportation option, even if the incidents of crime were few and far between….

2. Icky bacteria.

We have an often misguided obsession with excessively cleaning everything in our paths — including our own bodies — so it’s important to have a healthyunderstanding that not all bacteria is harmful to you. Less than one percent of bacteria carries diseases and quite a bit of it is actually good for you….

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3. Swallowing spiders while you sleep.

You are almost definitely swallowing zero spiders while you sleep every year, as opposed to the dozens claimed in schoolyard legend. You’re welcome.

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