Ukraine: Protesters seize, barricade government buildings

Ukraine: Protesters seize, barricade government buildings

Reports now suggest unrest is spreading further into the country’s east, which is seen as Mr Yanukovych’s support base:

  • In the north-eastern city of Sumy, protesters occupied the city’s council building and an MP for the opposition Fatherland party has assumed the leadership of the council, reports Ukraine’s Unian news agency
  • Several thousand protesters tried to storm the state regional administration building in south-eastern Zaporizhzhya, with police using tear gas and smoke grenades against the crowd and eventually dispersing them, reports said
  • Some 2,000 people gathered for a people’s assembly in Cherkasy, south-east of Kiev, said Unian. More than 40 people were reportedly detained there after a protest.
  • Activists in Chernihiv, north of Kiev, set up barricades outside a regional administration building which they attempted to storm on Saturday, Unian reported
  • In Dnipropetrovsk, eastern Ukraine, there were clashes as protesters descended on the regional administration buildings; 14 protesters were arrested, said Interfax-Ukraine news agency
  • Protesters in Odessa, to the south, also gathered at the regional office
  • In the north-eastern city of Kharkiv, a group of young men armed with baseball bats attacked anti-government protesters who had gathered for a rally, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

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