Obamacare’s dismal California numbers

Obamacare’s dismal California numbers

This week, the state of California finally got around to announcing how many people had signed up for health insurance through the state’s Obamacare exchange by the end of December. Ezra Klein and Evan Soltas of the Washington Post‘s WonkBlog immediately declared victory in a post titled, “In California, Obamacare is succeeding.”

“Wonkbook’s Number of the Day: 424,936. That’s how many people California enrolled in Obamacare policies between October 1 and December 31,” wrote Klein and Soltas. “The goal for the reach [sic] by the end of March is between 487,000 and 696,000 — and it now looks very much attainable.”

The WonkBlog report was a bit off: 424,936 is only the number of people who signed up by December 31 and qualified for subsidies. The total number of sign-ups, for both subsidized and unsubsidized plans, was about500,000. Furthermore, it’s inaccurate to call these people “enrollees” because Covered California has refused to say how many paid their first month’s premium, which is required to actually be enrolled in a plan. (We’ll forgive the inaccuracies, since it’s been such abusy week at WonkBlog.)

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