Allen West’s message for Schumer and his progressive pals

Allen West’s message for Schumer and his progressive pals

President Obama said he would get to the bottom of the IRS targeting of American citizens. He then later referred to it as a “phony scandal”. We now know no one is going to be held accountable or prosecuted for the IRS targeting of conservative groups.

Last week, I learned the targeting includes a group before which I have spoken on several occasions, the Friends of Abe. This is a conservative education forum in Hollywood — yes, there are conservatives in Hollywood.

The sad thing is they have to meet in secret and their membership is not disclosed — so much for freedom of speech and expression in America — not to mention conscience and thought.

Naturally progressives will say nothing has been proven, move along, nothing here.

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Why of course there’s nothing, especially when the investigative case was given to Eric Holder’s FBI — not the criminal division, but the civil rights division — kinda like the whole Fast and Furious phony scandal.

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