Protester stripped naked, tortured by Ukranian police

Protester stripped naked, tortured by Ukranian police

Officers detained Gavryliuk Jan. 22 on Hrushevskoho Street. After the video surfaced the day, police released him. He returned to EuroMaidan, where he resumted his post as part of a military unit formed by protesters to protect Independence Square from police assault.

His face still covered in bruises, Gavryliuk is nonetheless happy that he didn’t suffer more severe injuries at the hands of the gang of police officers. While in good spirits, his hand still trembles when he recounts how they punished him. “You could see bruises on my body on that video. Now I’d say my body is mostly blue from bruises,” he said.

Gavryliuk says he was trying to take another protester away to safety when several riot police officers circled him and dragged with them. “They were beating me all the time, since the moment they got me,” he said. “Before they actually searched me, they were beating me on the way with some sticks and feet and then decided to check whether I have some presents for them or not, ” Gavryliuk jokes.

The officers undressed their captive, leaving him in socks, while they kept beating him.

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