Again with the cast changes: Atlas Shrugged III gets new Dagny, Hank

Again with the cast changes: Atlas Shrugged III gets new Dagny, Hank

[Ed. – Come on.  Rob Morrow as Hank Rearden?]

Producers Harmon Kaslow and John Aglialoro will be rounding out their Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy this year with the currently titled Atlas Shrugged Part III: Who Is John Galt? The movie has begun filming and has been awarded an entirely new cast and crew as it preps for a September release. …

The producers have stressed that Atlas III will be the best and most faithful in the series, and they have put forth a marketing strategy that includes playing the movie in 500 of the most successful theaters the previous movies played in, as well as premiering shortly before the 2014 mid-term elections.

With a fresh cast and a recently very successful kickstarter campaign, Atlas III seems like it may, in fact, be the best of the series. However, the real pressure on the movie is in how it performs at the box office. The original Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be a box office hit, considering the popularity of the book. It was also supposed to mainstream conservative films at the box office, but it failed to do so.

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