Dallas police shooting raises questions over the unnecessary use of force

Dallas police shooting raises questions over the unnecessary use of force

A carjacking in Dallas, Texas has caught national attention as it led to the shooting of one suspect and the eventual firing of a police officer. This has become a controversial story in the media as questions have been raised regarding the officer’s decision to use deadly force and her subsequent firing. The Dallas Police Department has received both support and negative feedback for its decision on this matter. Below is a discussion of this incident and the difficult task of determining which party was at fault.

Use of Deadly Force

For a police officer to legally use deadly force, this decision must represent the most reasonable action given the current circumstances, as cited by The Free Dictionary. This means that deadly force should be used as a last resort for a police officer when it appears that no other options are available. Situations that fit this description typically involve an officer fearing for their life due to the actions of a criminal party.

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