Malicious code used to hack Target customer data written by teen

Malicious code used to hack Target customer data written by teen

[Ed. – So easy difficult a child can msut do it.]

From Russia, with malware.

A 17-year-old Russian national from St. Petersburg was responsible for the malicious programing that allowed for data from Target and Neiman Marcus to be compromised, according to a California-based security firm.

IntelCrawler said in a blog post Friday that it identified the creator, who they said wasn’t responsible for the security breaches of the two retailers, but rather sold the software to cybercriminals throughout Eastern Europe.

The company’s CEO, Andrew Komarov, said it was possible for Target and Neiman Marcus to be hacked after the software tried several easy passwords to remotely hack the stores’ registers, and added that the malware, called BlackPOS, has been downloaded some 60 times.

Target’s security breach following a Black Friday shopping blitz affected up to 110 million customers. However, Neiman Marcus has yet to reveal how many shoppers were affected, or what kind of data was taken.

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