Top 10 regrets of dying people

Top 10 regrets of dying people

#1 Staying in a Toxic Relationship

Relationships often make us feel safe, but a bad one can be our biggest regret as the grim reaper comes calling. We all want the ideal partner, but most people settle for less because they fear loneliness, leaving most people feeling like they could have done more to find that perfect someone.

#2 Sticking With a Dead End Job

Contrary to popular belief, not all jobs are terrible. Take writing from home, for example. It is pretty cushy and definitely is a magnet for chicks. Others, like busboys, are dead end jobs that lower self esteem and lead to depression. Don’t stay with those types of jobs. Go write for a living.

#3 Getting Out of Shape

Weights are hard, Wendy’s is easy and tastes so good. That is basically comes down to in the struggle against obesity in America, and most people seriously regret their lack of willpower and commitment to physical fitness.

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