Hospital patient kicked out when she requested staff speak to her in English

Hospital patient kicked out when she requested staff speak to her in English

[Ed. – How do you say ‘ouch’ in French?]

A patient entered Hôpital de Verdun, or Verdun General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in an ambulance because of chest pains, but says she was kicked out when requesting that hospital staff speak to her in English, rather than French. According to CTV, a doctor saw the woman before she was kicked out, but the cause of her chest pains had not been determined. She was directed by the doctor to see a nurse for further tests and blood work.

The patient claims that a nurse set up to take a blood sample and asked her, in French, to place her right arm on the table. The woman, who does not speak French, placed her left arm on the table. Her boyfriend, Jabari Radway, who does speak and understand French, then told the nurse that the process would go better if they could get service for the woman in English. CTV reports that the nurse then responded saying, “No. This will be in French or she can leave the province.” The nurse went even further, going on to insult the patient saying that it was unbelievable that she doesn’t know the difference between her left and her right.

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