What a surprise! More Obama lies: bogus Medicaid signups

What a surprise! More Obama lies: bogus Medicaid signups

Some people have attacked me because I did not, have not, and will not take up a Don Quixote-like crusade over the birth certificate of President Obama. Instead, I choose to focus my energies on highlighting the faults, failures and shortcomings of this president (so many from which to choose), as well as presenting viable solutions for the future of our Republic.

Today I share with you reports from Fox News, Real Clear Politics, and the Washington Post about more massively egregious lies emanating from the Obama administration regarding Obamacare enrollments.

The administration is touting that millions of Americans have signed up through Obamacare for Medicaid coverage. However, a closer analysis seems to show that instead of some 4 million who have gained Medicaid coverage, the real number is lower than 400,000. How can that be? The Obama administration has been counting individuals re-enrolling in Medicaid.

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