Queens: Elderly ‘squatting’ in McDonald’s

Queens: Elderly ‘squatting’ in McDonald’s

“They come here, and it’s like they live here sometimes,” said customer Kieran McCaffrey. “They buy one cup of coffee, and they’re literally here for hours. I never stay because there’s never a seat.”

McCaffrey and other customers have complained that groups of elderly regulars frequently check in but don’t check out.

Most of them live in nearby senior centers and come in groups.

“I don’t see it as a problem, but I don’t own this business and turnover on tables is crucial to a restaurant business,” McCaffrey said.

Part of the problem is space. The seating area is small, which has prompted many customers to complain that they don’t have anywhere to sit and eat. Some have even asked for refunds, a restaurant manager said.

“It’s like they’re having a little meeting,” Mellissa Cosme said. “Seriously, it’s all day every day.”

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