House panel to TSA: Be nicer or we’ll privatize you

House panel to TSA: Be nicer or we’ll privatize you

[Rep. Gerald] Connolly [VA] said it was inexcusable for TSA screeners to bark 20 orders at him and other travelers during his last trip over the weekend  – back up, put your hands  up, take your shoes off – without saying please. He urged the agency to become more polite or risk legislation.

“When we mistreat them by barking orders at them as if they are cattle, not people, we actually diminish spirit of cooperation,” Connolly said. “I’ve had it, and I think a lot of the public  has had it. There is no excuse for it.”

Screening jobs are tough because the staffers  must be constantly alert for contraband while still providing customer service, Hoggan said.

The Nov. 1 shooting death of TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez  at a checkpoint at Los Angeles International Airport illustrates the perils involved with the job.

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