Obama’s war on poor nuns

Obama’s war on poor nuns

[Ed. – Hey, aren’t nuns women?]

Unfortunately, Americans debate Obama’s contraceptive-fueled War on the Little Sisters of the Poor almost purely on religious-liberty grounds. While freedom of worship is a cornerstone of the American way, invoking religious freedom tends to electrify conservatives more than liberals.

Thus, this case also should be discussed in terms that energize the Left: The Little Sisters clutch the short end of the income-inequality stick. There is no economic justice in their abuse by Obama, heartless bureaucrats, and the dapper despots at Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

This is a genuine example of the haves hammering the have-nots.


“The Little Sisters do their work for free,” says Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents these nuns. “They are not paid salaries,” Blomberg adds. “Each Little Sister takes a vow of poverty. They don’t personally own anything.”

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