Why Obamacare won’t survive

Why Obamacare won’t survive

To fans and defenders of the Affordable Care Act, the bill is your normal, run-of-the-mill but wholly fantastic and wonderful game-changing measure, up there with Social SecurityMedicare and the Civil Rightsand Voting Rights Acts as national milestones — bills that were launched amid opposition and discord, but in time were accepted and loved.

But from the beginning, this has been different in three signal ways that have been self-destructive, the last of which may be the worst.

The first is the fact that previously mentioned programs were simple… Obamacare is an attempt to manage and regulate millions of private transactions, creating a cascade of panicky “fixes” that create more complications (and lawsuits) and have ripple effects on the larger economy.

The second is that it’s churning out losers who outnumber the winners.

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