Hello Kitty – a beer Americans could love?

Hello Kitty – a beer Americans could love?

[Ed. – Top of the new and hot list, for sure.]

This year, Hello Kitty maker Sanrio introduces a rather radical marketing stunt that’s unprecedented in the brand’s history. The Hello Kitty beer now makes it debut in Asia.

Yes, it’s real beer, and comes in fruity flavors of banana, lemon-lime, passion fruit, and peach. Of course, each can comes in a fancy, colorful packaging of the popular cartoon character. But worry not — or rather quite a frustration for hardcore drinkers — as each can contains only 2.3 to 2.8 percent alcohol, just half the content of Budweiser and most American beers.

Sanrio initially rolled out the new product in Taiwan, and later, China, a country now zealously embracing flavored beers, said a Sanrio marketing spokesperson in an email to TODAY.com.

One blogger in Beijing, Eric Lou, wrote in a review that the new brew is so “ridiculously smooth and tasty” that no one would easily know it’s beer, even when the label on the can clearly reads so.

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