More Americans than ever oppose Obamacare mandate

More Americans than ever oppose Obamacare mandate

[Ed. – I know y’all watching the BCS Championship game right now.  But seriously, after the last three months, only 58% of voters oppose the mandate?]

A new Rasmussen poll finds that 58% of voters, an all-time high, oppose ObamaCare’s requirement that every American be covered by health insurance. Last week, for the second month in a row, 51% of respondents also said they think health care will decline because of ObamaCare.

It doesn’t seem to matter whether those who think the quality of health care will decline are insured or not; 50% of insured voters believe it will decline while 45% of uninsured voters agree. Only 19% of respondents think their health care will be better by the end of the year than it is currently, as opposed to 30% who felt that way one year ago.

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