Armed 90-year-old Daytonian chases off would-be robber

Armed 90-year-old Daytonian chases off would-be robber

[Ed. – Why they call it the ‘equalizer.’]

90-year-old laundromat owner, George Hicks of Dayton, Ohio, turned the tables on an attempted robber when he was confronted in his office recently. Security video captured the foiled robbery and showed a man wearing a hoodie, demanding cash from Mr. Hicks. The unknown suspect then got quite a surprise when the elderly man refused the request and pulled out a chrome semi-automatic gun, sending the burglar running from R&J Laundromat. In a report via KTRK ABC 13, George laughed saying, “It’s just funny. Dumb [bleep] comes in here. I’ve got the gun and he’s running.”

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