Women who get blind drunk are risking rape

Women who get blind drunk are risking rape

Sex without consent, whatever the circumstances, is always a crime.

Whether a woman is drunk, sober, unconscious or conscious, dressed as a nun or channelling Rihanna, if she is sexually attacked then it is never, ever because she was ‘asking for it’.

There is only one person who is to blame for a rape, and that is the perpetrator.

No one would dream of blaming a minor for being the subject of sexual abuse on grounds of diminished responsibility; and the same principle must apply to all victims, whatever state of dishevelment they happen to find themselves in.

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Nevertheless, I refuse to join in the chorus of feminist disapproval aimed at Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire, which has caused outrage among anti-rape campaigners for a poster featuring a young women, make-up smudged, hair dishevelled, dress wonky, shoes in hand, clearly not much in control of her faculties.

The caption reads: ‘When you drink too much you lose control and put yourself at risk.’

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