FDR bible used in de Blasio’s swearing in goes missing

FDR bible used in de Blasio’s swearing in goes missing

[Ed. note: Did they check Bill Clinton’s pockets?]

The historic Bible given to President Franklin Roosevelt as a gift and used at the swearing in of New York mayor Bill de Blasio on Wednesday went missing, sparking a hunt involving at least 50 policemen and officials.

The tome vanished right after the New Year’s Day ceremony at City Hall.

De Blasio, the 109th New York Mayor, had laid his hand on it and taken an oath in front of former President Bill Clinton.

When it went missing afterwards, panic ensued. A police source told The New York Post: ‘They had the whole detail looking through blankets.’

Another insider said: ‘We were looking in garbage cans outside, in all the bags.’

The book was eventually found several hours later by a police detective, who announced the end of the hunt to applause from a crowd.

The bible is embossed with a picture of the White House and was given to President Roosevelt as a gift in 1933 at his first inauguration.

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