Charles Blow replaces Frank Bruni as New York Times’s worst columnist

Charles Blow replaces Frank Bruni as New York Times’s worst columnist

The Times‘s [op-ed] page hit a new low this weekend with Charles Blow’s resolutions for the New Year. The piece begins with some talk about the Holiday Season but it really gets cooking when Blow turns to his actual resolutions.

He begins with a promise to stop treating politics like a game, because “there are real lives hanging in the balance of the decisions made — or not made — by those in power. Often, those with the most to lose as a result of a poor policy move are the most vulnerable and most marginalized. Those folks need a voice, and I will endeavor to be that voice.” Okay, you might say, this is merely boring and clichéd.

His next resolution is to remind politicians that “A democracy is a government by the people, for the people,” and “that they are servants, not rulers.” At this point I started to get antsy. I had a vague memory of having already read these sentiments elsewhere (where they were presented somewhat more stoically). Resolution number three is “To remember that justice is a natural aching of human morality,” and “I will do my best to highlight that basic quality.” Yeah yeah. But number four takes the cake. He actually wrote this, and I urge you to read it in full:

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