The world’s dirty little secret — it loves ‘US imperialism’

The world’s dirty little secret — it loves ‘US imperialism’

It was a dismal year in 2013 for the power and prestige of the United States abroad.

First came revelations about the serial security failures in Libya, which led directly to the tragic deaths of our ambassador and three other Americans on Sept. 11, 2012 — and which no amount of New York Times whitewashing this past week will completely cover up.

Then there was President Obama’s notorious “red line” on Syria, which turned out to be no line at all, and his grasp at a dubious deal on chemical weapons offered by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin’s deal will ultimately leave Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar Assad in power with all the nerve gas he needs. Obama’s action also led Saudi Arabia to publicly blast the U.S. as a feckless ally.

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