$243M lotto winner drives into sunset with new lover

$243M lotto winner drives into sunset with new lover

She nailed the lottery and then drove off with a new lover!

A British woman — and $243 million jackpot winner — split from her husband and hooked up with the luxury car dealer who sold her a small fleet of Audi automobiles, according to a published report.

Gillian Bayford and her husband Adrian won the big EuroMillions lottery last year.

She purchased five Audis for her and loved ones, she apparently caught the eye of Alan Warnock — sales manager of John Clark Audi dealership in Dundee, near the home of her parent’s Scottish home in October, according to the Daily Mail.

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Before their lottery win, Gillian worked at a hospital in Cambridge, while hubby Adrian ran a small music store in Haverhill.

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