FL speeders on Christmas Day received scratch-off tickets

FL speeders on Christmas Day received scratch-off tickets

Traffic officers in Melbourne, Fla., found a new way to spread some Christmas cheer – doling out scratch-off lottery game tickets instead of speeding tickets to motorists on Christmas Day.

“In the spirit of the season here, most people expect to get a traffic ticket when they get stopped. In this case, they were surprised to get a scratch-off ticket instead,” Sgt. Sheridan Shelley of the Melbourne Police Department told ABC News.

Melbourne police gave out at least 30 scratch-off tickets to traffic violators on Christmas Day, along with a warning to drive safely.

“This was an idea that was generated by the officers who were working yesterday,” Shelley said. “This was money that came out of the pockets of the officers. This was just the officers doing a community service, teaching public safety and giving back to the community.”

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