Dana Perino’s 5 New Year’s career tips for Millennials

Dana Perino’s 5 New Year’s career tips for Millennials

1. MORE THINKING, LESS FEELING. In email communications with supervisors and managers, do not use emoticons or multiple exclamation points. Stop being so emotional in emails. Your boss will be pleased to know you finished an assigned project before the deadline, so you don’t need to encourage her appraisal of you by using a smiley face or pictures of party hats.

2. NEW EMAIL THREAD, NEW SUBJECT LINE. While we’re talking about email, please learn to use new subject lines when introducing new topics.

It is very confusing for the recipient to get an email about an event in July 2014 that is part of an email thread from days before about a client visit in March.

3. DON’T IRRITATE POTENTIAL MENTORS. Part of climbing the career ladder is finding good mentors. Good mentors are usually very busy people and it can be difficult to get on their schedule. It’s not that they don’t want to lend you a hand, it’s that they really need an extra hour in their workday to be able to give you the time and attention you deserve.

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