Leftists pressure HHS to finance sex-change operations under Medicare

Leftists pressure HHS to finance sex-change operations under Medicare

The latest edition of the gay newspaper The Washington Blade displayed what liberal newspapers don’t find controversial: “Medicare to examine ban on gender reassignment.” In other words, leftists are pushing the Obama administration to subsidize sex-change operations. We’re posting enormous deficits, but the “progressives” are always searching for new entitlements.

As usual, liberal journalists refer to this lack of “access” to taxpayer money a “ban.” Chris Johnson reported: “The document from the Department of Health & Human Services, dated Dec. 2, finds that the reasoning for the ban is ‘not complete and adequate’  to support denying Medicare coverage for transgender people seeking the procedure.”

The HHS Department Appeals Board states the ban — which is codified as National Coverage Determination 140.3 — “fails to account for development in the care and treatment” for transgender people over the course of the last 30 years….

Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center, was optimistic the ban would be lifted following the discovery process.

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