Harvard prof blasts ‘sick and barbaric’ knockout game, indifference of academia

Harvard prof blasts ‘sick and barbaric’ knockout game, indifference of academia

One of the nation’s top sociologists blasted the knockout game and the people who play it — and the credentialed class that refuses to condemn it.

“This pattern of violence is sick and barbaric, and, for its victims, both senseless and tragic,” said Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson in an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller.

Patterson also criticized the tendency of sociologists to downplay important factors like norms and values, and is working on a research project “to revive the culture concept in explaining the attitudes and behavior” of at-risk groups.

“ [S]ocial scientists, and especially sociologists, have abandoned or underplayed the fundamental concepts of norms and values,” Patterson said.

Patterson’s comments contribute to the debate surrounding the knockout game and the state of race relations in America. Patterson, whom many liberals regard as the nation’s preeminent expert on race relations, is the respected author of “Freedom in the Making of Western Culture and Slavery and Social Death: A Comparative Study.”

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