Poll: Record low for Obama in Iowa

Poll: Record low for Obama in Iowa

[Ed. note: It’s not just the temperatures that are frigid in Iowa.]

President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Iowa hit its lowest point ever in a new poll, and it’s nearly his worst rating of any state polled by Quinnipiac.

Just 38 percent of Iowa voters approve of the job Obama is doing as president, while 59 percent disapprove in a Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday.

Among independents, voters disapprove 62 percent to 31 percent; among one of his key constituencies of women, disapproval is 51 percent to 45 percent; and young people ages 18 to 29 disapprove 35 percent to 62 percent.

Obama carried the bellwether state in the 2008 primary contest, propelling his victorious campaign for president. He also carried the state in both of his general elections.

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