Bloomberg launches new site to herald own mayoral legacy

Bloomberg launches new site to herald own mayoral legacy

[Ed. note: And you thought there was no one as egotistical as Obama.]

Mayor Bloomberg is going to get a high grade for his 12 years of service to the city — even if he has to award it to himself.

Hizzoner launched an offshoot of his personal Web site Monday that ticks off a startlingly long set of positive data and accomplishments made by the city under his tenure.

With two weeks to go before he leaves City Hall, Bloomberg will also embark on a five-borough victory lap starting Tuesday to emphasize key administration successes since he took office in 2002.

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“He’s had an incredible positive impact on the city and it’s important to document where we were in 2001, where we are today, and what we did to get here,” said his spokesman Marc Lavorgna.

The homestretch horn-tooting marks a sharp contrast to Bloomberg’s public attitude toward defining his legacy as recently as September, when he bristled at a reporter’s question on the topic.

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