Textbook by Bill Ayers mandatory reading at Marquette U.

Textbook by Bill Ayers mandatory reading at Marquette U.

The last time we checked on Marquette University, it had just swapped anedgy sex workshop for “F***ing While Feminist” Speaker.

Administrators at this Catholic institution continue to make some fascinating academic choices.

Students at Marquette University reacted with surprise and dismay when they were informed that a textbook used in a freshman education course was written by William Ayers, former domestic terrorist and founding member of the Weather Underground.

Charlie Kirk, Executive Director of Turning Point USA, asked Marquette students what they thought about the fact that Ayers, a communist revolutionary, had authored the textbook, and recorded their reactions in a video uploaded to YouTube Monday morning.

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“You’d think they’d use somebody a little more trustworthy,” one girl noted. Another said she felt “a little violated.”

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