Obama’s not toast — but Democrats may regret it

Obama’s not toast — but Democrats may regret it

When supporters of Barack Obama feel compelled to write articles hotly declaring that the president isn’t finished, as many have this week, you know one thing: The idea that he might be finished is very much on their minds.

In one sense, the argument is entirely unnecessary. Of course Obama isn’t finished. He’s the president, for God’s sake. Even if his troubles persist and deepen, he still bestrides the narrow world like a Colossus.

After all, George W. Bush was “finished” once Republicans lost control of the House and Senate in 2006, yet he managed to turn the Iraq War around with the controversial surge. And he was really “finished” in September 2008 when the meltdown hit — but without his support, the radical and aggressive bailout of the financial system wouldn’t have happened.

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