Gitmo’s all-leftist observer policy comes under fire

Gitmo’s all-leftist observer policy comes under fire

[Ed. note: It’s easy to claim transparency when you’re on the business side of a one-way mirror.]

In the name of transparency the Obama administration lets outside groups monitor Military Commission hearings in Guantanamo but the selection process is kept secret and now it’s coming under fire from a lawmaker who sits on the Armed Services Committee for only guaranteeing spots to leftist human rights outfits that advocate for the terrorist defendants.

The designation of the leftist groups as “permanent observers to commission proceedings is inconsistent with ethical principles of fairness, and non-preferential treatment of nongovernmental organizations by agencies of the United States government,” writes Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe in a letter to the Pentagon official in charge of the Military Commissions. “To comply with those well-established principles of fairness and non-preferential treatment, and to ensure public confidence in the Commission process it is essential, when limited space requires a random selection process, all qualified groups should be subject to the random process and no group granted ‘immunity’ from the possibility of not being selected as a GTMO observer,” the senator writes.

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