Experts: James Bond drank too much to be effective spy

Experts: James Bond drank too much to be effective spy

[Ed. note: Where would be without ‘experts’? Runner-up subhead: Just say (Dr.) no.]

The experts said that although they appreciated the pressures to drink “when working with international terrorists and high stakes gamblers”, they would advise Bond seek help for how much he drinks.

Patrick Davies, from Nottingham University Hospitals National Health Service Trust, and a colleague read 12 of the Ian Fleming novels over a period of six months.

They took detailed notes regarding Bond’s alcohol consumption and worked out he was way over the recommended limit for men (currently the British NHS says no more than three or four units a day).

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They said: “We have shown that James Bond’s alcohol consumption, while on his various missions for Her Majesty’s Secret Service is, on average, between 65 and 92 units a week.”

The researchers found many examples where Bond drove over the limit and suggested he may have felt the need to drink due to the highly stressful nature of his job.

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