November 2014 shaping up as shipwreck for Dems

November 2014 shaping up as shipwreck for Dems

Pundits on the left and right agree: Obamacare will leave a mark on Democrats in the 2014 elections.

When the most hopey-changey of journalists, Ezra Klein of The Washington Post, writes “Change hurts, particularly in health care insurance, and it may well hurt Democrats in 2014,” you know we’re headed for a stormy political year.

Consider Sen. Mark Pryor, a Democrat from Arkansas.

Like a lot of Democrats, Pryor hitched his wagon to President Obama and Obamacare. He spent his Senate career on Harry Reid’s leash. What did he get for his obedience? An unhappy constituency and one stout opponent in 2014.

Tom Cotton, a representative from the 4th Congressional District in Arkansas — a graduate of Harvard Law School and an Army veteran with service in Iraq and Afghanistan — jumped into the race after Pryor’s approval rating dropped 18 percentage points in one year. The incumbent now sits at a vulnerable 33 percent.

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