How ‘knockout game’ hysteria hurts black America

How ‘knockout game’ hysteria hurts black America

[Ed. note: It’s not doing wonders for white America, either.]

The hashtag  ‘#knockoutgame’ tells the story.

Social media is buzzing with fear and hysteria and the spread of anti-black sentiment. The proxy war for a host of racial agendas has a new rallying call. It is ‘the knockout game.’

For those who followed the so called “Central Park Jogger” case, an incident in April of 1989 when one Hispanic and four  black teens from Harlem, were said to be “wilding,” this ‘knockout game’ development is very troubling.

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Not only were the teens falsely accused, convicted and served their full sentences in prison before the actual rapist came forward, but there was an air of hysteria that every black man walking the city felt, sometimes overtly, sometimes subtly. Black men walking in groups were branded as “wolf packs” and you could hear car door locks clicking and startled looks on the faces of white motorists whenever a black kid walked near their vehicle.

New York City police officials are struggling to determine whether they should advise the public to take precautions against the ‘knockout game’ — whether in fact it is a growing dangerous trend, or something that has been ongoing and just recently rose to the surface.

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