Losing faith in Obama’s cult of personality

Losing faith in Obama’s cult of personality

Conservatives and libertarians were quick to ridicule President Obama’s photobombing of the Kennedy assassination anniversary Friday — they’ve gotten used to noticing how his cult of personality overshadows everything else, even the brilliance which still reflects from Camelot 50 years later.

But the president’s attempt to ride on John F. Kennedy’s popularity may have been a last gasp. There are signs that even the most die-hard of Obama cultists have gotten tired of the endless, fawning hagiography.

Take the Washington media establishment, which over the past five years has seemed to contain more than its share of Kool-Aid drinkers. On Thursday, National Journal’s Ron Fournier — a veteran White House correspondent — put the issue in the center of social media discussions with a piece headlined: “Obama’s image Machine: Monopolistic Propaganda Funded by You,” in which he argued:

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