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Kerry: Iran deal not about trust

Kerry: Iran deal not about trust

[Ed. note: Can we quote you, Mr. Secretary?]

Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that the historic nuclear agreement with Iran is not about trust, casting the deal as the first step in a long process.

Kerry, speaking to CNN’s “State of the Union” from Geneva, even cited former President Reagan’s famous statement about the Soviet Union, stressing the United States would “trust but verify.”

“None of this is based on trust. It’s not a question of trust,” Kerry said.

“Verification is the key. And President Obama and I have said since the beginning, we’re not just going to verify, or trust and verify. We’re going to verify and verify and verify.”Under the deal, announced late Saturday night in the U.S., Iran receives limited relief from sanctions. In exchange, Iran agreed to cap its nuclear stockpile, limit for six months its enrichment of uranium and allow more stringent inspections from outside agencies.

Kerry on Sunday acknowledged that Israel had serious concerns about the deal, which the U.S struck with Russia, China and other world leaders.

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