Town’s mayoral election decided by coin toss

Town’s mayoral election decided by coin toss

[Ed. note: The loser got to decide which goal he’d defend.]

On November 5th, 120 voters in the city of Albion went to the voter booths to cast their vote for mayor.

Once the final vote was tallied, the city of Albion found themselves in a very peculiar situation.

The votes came back 60 for incumbent Mayor Don Bowden…

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And 60 for John Davis.

According to Idaho law, in the case of a tie…

The final decision will be made by the flip of a coin.

And that’s exactly what happened tonight inside the Albion civic center.

Both candidates deferred to call the coin…

So city treasures Mary Yeamen picked a number between 1 and 50.

And in the end it was current mayor Bowden who got to make the call before the flip.

And as the saying goes…

“tails never fails”.

And for Bowden, it was tails.

We spoke with the now third term mayor right after the flip.

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